Small Business Asset Finance in Australia 

A Small Business Asset Finance in Australia is where businesses can borrow against their assets to fund working capital projects or buy new equipment or furniture. Most banks are not willing to lend money to these types of borrowers due to the high risk involved and the lack of collateral that they need. However, this type of financing is commonly used by small business owners and is often referred to as an asset based loan. Fincue offers all kind of Asset Finances in Australia.

What is Asset Finance?

Asset finance can be defined as borrowing money against your assets, whether they are real estate, vehicles, equipment – anything that has some value attached to them. Asset finance gives you the flexibility to borrow against your asset’s future income stream and pay back only once the asset has generated sufficient cash flow. This allows you to buy more units than you could otherwise afford.

Why use Asset Finance?

Asset financing offers you a number of advantages over traditional bank loans. These include:

 – Lower interest rates (or no interest at all)

 – Flexible repayment options

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Business Asset Finance Lenders in Australia

The following are some of the business asset finance lenders providing financing options for your business.

Asset Based Financing – Accessing bank loans through the use of equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, or other current assets generally require less risk than borrowing against real estate or operating history. Drawbacks include lower rates of return and requirements for liquid collateral that may not be easily converted into cash.

Mortgage Loans – A mortgage loan includes the use of your home or commercial property’s value as collateral. This can help if you have poor credit or no credit at all. You’ll get a higher rate than using only asset-based financing, but this comes with the benefit of having money now and being able to pay back over many years with no capital loss.

How does Business Asset Finance work?

BAF works best when the company wants to acquire an item that they do not currently own. A company may need to buy new equipment, build a new facility, or even just expand their space in order to accommodate their needs. In these cases, the company would look to borrow the funds from a lender. Once the company uses the funds to purchase the asset, they then have to find a way to repay the loan. They might sell off some of the company’s current assets to generate enough cash to pay back the loan, or they could even refinance the loan using the proceeds from the sale.

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How to apply for Asset Finance in Australia?

Fincue connects you with the best Asset Finance Lender in Australia. We help Borrowers to Connect to the Lenders by use of Loan as a Service-LaaS Platform & Mobile Technology.

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  3. Send us required details
  4. Wait for approval
  5. When approved, send us the documents we need 
  6. We’ll then arrange for your Asset Finance to be processed

Is Asset Finance the Same as Equipment Finance?

Asset finance is often considered to be the same thing as equipment finance. This is not true. There are several differences between asset financing and equipment financing that make them extremely different. 

Why should you choose Fincue for  Asset Finance?

  1. We are experts at providing asset finance solutions.

We have been helping businesses buy assets and understand how important it is that they get the right financing solution for their business needs. We provide flexible terms to our clients and work closely with them to ensure they are receiving the best outcome from their acquisition without having to pay high fees.

  1. We help people achieve their financial goals.

 Fincue is committed to supporting its clients through the entire lifecycle of their financial journey. Whether you want to invest your own money to start a side hustle, use debt finance to fund your business expansion, or acquire a property outright, we can make sure you find the right finance option for your situation. Our experienced team can even assist you with finding a mortgage if you’re looking to purchase or refinance. 

  1. We help small and large businesses improve their bottom line.

Our goal is to help your business succeed by giving you access to the tools needed to improve your finances and increase profits. By utilizing our services, you can save time and resources while improving your cash flow.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Asset Financing?

BAF is a type of asset-based loan where the company takes out a loan based on the value of its assets instead of its balance sheet. This means that the majority of the money is not tied to any debt owed by the company. Instead, it is borrowed against the assets that the company owns. These types of loans are great tools for companies who want to use their current resources and infrastructure to increase their production or improve their overall operations.

Benefits of Small Business Asset Financing

The benefits of small business asset finance include:

 – Reduced monthly repayments

 – Ability to leverage your assets

 – No security deposit

 – Quick turnaround time

 – Lower interest rates

 – Increased cash flow

 – Access to credit without equity

 – Ability to get instant approval

What are financial assets and non-financial assets?

Financial assets include things that can be converted into cash or other forms of value. Financial assets do not have any physical form. Examples of financial assets are stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, collectibles, etc.

Non-financial assets include tangible assets like land, buildings, equipment, inventory, furniture, tools, vehicles, and intellectual property rights. Non-financial assets may take some time to convert into money but they can provide significant long term benefits to businesses.

Documents required for Asset Finance in Australia - Visit Fincue for more info
  1. A copy of your business plan (if any) 
  2. A copy of your current bank statement
  3. A copy of your personal tax return
  4. A copy of your Australian Business License (if applicable)
  6. Any other documents that are relevant to finance your business
  7. Bank account information including name, address, contact details and opening balance
  8. Identity document that includes full legal name, date of birth, photo, and proof of residency

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