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Business Line Of Credit

Business Line Of Credit, a revolving loan up to $500,000 that provides a fixed amount of capital, which can be utilized to fulfill short-term business requirements.


Easy online application process

End-to-end support


Loan approval within 24 hours

Revolving open line of credit

Finances 100% of invoice amount

No co-contribution required

Better international exchange rates

Secured Business Loans

Availing multipurpose secured business loans at competitive rates and convenient terms made easy which can be utilized for expansion, refurbishments, and renovations of business premises, debt consolidations and partner buyout.

Easy online application

Loan approval within 24-hour

Redraw option to access additional funds

Complete end to end support

Fulfills any business financing requirements


Invoice financing, facilitates availing advances against outstanding invoices from the customers of businesses which can be utilized to improve the cash flow, invest into business operations, foster business growth and to pay the salaries of the employees. However, the company has to pay certain invoice amount as a fee for the same.
Invoice Financing Services offered by Fincue

Debt Factoring

Availing of funds based on business sales.

Supply Chain Finance

Helps for import, export, local inventory purposes.

Invoice Finance

Providing upfront cash on behalf of money sitting in AR ledger.

Working Capital Finance

Finance provided to businesses that require funding.

Cash Flow Finance

Helps to improve cash flow of the business.

Trade Finance

 Financing for both international and domestic trades.

Import Finance

 Empowering businesses that import goods into Australia to overcome cash flow gaps.

Invoice Factoring

Sell your Accounts Receivables ledger to our invoice finance lender and secure up to 90% of the invoice.

Invoice Discounting

Allowing business owners to leverage the value of their sales ledger. 

Multiple Portfolio Support


Fincue understands the business, professional as well as personal risks involved in As business owners may be aware of the business risks involved, hence help you to connect with the right insurance services broker thereby fulfilling all your insurance requirements.

Insurance Broking services offered by Fincue,