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Fincue is a leading provider of Invoice Finance Solutions for small businesses across Australia. We offer business owners access to fast cash for invoices over $10,000 or depending upon clients requirement at competitive rates. Whether they need money now or later, we have flexible terms that suit their needs. Our service is quick and simple, allowing us to help companies get back to running as soon as possible. Planning to take Invoice Finance in Australia for your Business? Contact or Visit Fincue for more info.

We know how challenging it can be to run a business and keep up with payments, so our goal is to make invoice financing as painless as possible. Our customer service team works closely with each client to find out what’s working best for them, and ensure they stay on top of their finances.  

 What is Invoice Financing?

Invoice financing is a type of short-term loan where invoices are used as collateral. Invoice financing companies lend money based upon the value of the customer’s outstanding invoices. Once the company receives payment from the client, they release funds to the borrower.

The concept of invoice financing was created by invoice factoring and became popular due to its flexibility and fast approval process. Nowadays, invoice finance is widely used by small businesses who want to acquire capital to fund their business operations and working capital requirements.

How does Invoice Finance work?

When a business issues an invoice to a customer, they essentially lend the customer cash. As long as the customer pays the invoice, the loan is repaid. The customer receives the cash now, and the business gets its money back later.

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Why would a business use Invoice Financing?

There are many reasons businesses choose to utilize invoice financing. One of the biggest benefits is that it gives small businesses access to working capital. Many businesses don’t have enough cash flow coming in each week to cover expenses, let alone add any additional funding to help keep their operations running smoothly. By using invoice financing, a business can get the funds they need to stay afloat while still keeping the majority of their existing customers happy.

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What kind of businesses can benefit from Invoice Finance?

Businesses of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of invoice financing. Smaller businesses often struggle to get the funds they need without taking on debt. However, larger companies often face difficulties accessing short-term loans from traditional banks. Invoice financing provides smaller businesses with the opportunity to borrow money to fund their daily activities without having to take on high interest rates or lengthy repayment periods.

Why should you choose Fincue for Invoice Finance?

Fincue is a leading provider of Start up Invoice Finance Solutions. We offer our clients access to high quality receivables at attractive rates. Our invoice financing services allow businesses to get cash today while reducing their outstanding debt over time. We work closely with business owners to identify opportunities to help them accelerate growth and improve short-term cash flow. As a result, we have been able to provide hundreds of companies with fast, flexible, and affordable invoice financing solutions.

Our invoice funding process is simple! You fill out a quick online application and submit the necessary documentation. Once approved, you’ll receive funds deposited directly into your bank account.

We specialize in helping small to mid-sized businesses to fund invoices at lower interest rates than traditional lenders. For more information about our Invoice Finance Company, please visit Fincue

Frequently Asked Questions

Who offers Invoice Financing?

Fincue is one of the few companies in Australia that offer invoice financing. We provide flexible solutions for businesses across the country. Our services include invoice factoring, where Fincue purchases invoices at a discounted rate and then sells them back to our clients. All payments go straight to our clients, allowing them to focus on running their business.

How does Invoice Financing Work?

When a business decides to use invoice financing, they create a collection account at an invoice financing company. A collection account is simply a bank account that contains the amount owed by clients. When the invoice financing company receives payment from the customer, they transfer the funds directly to the collection account. Once the collection account reaches a certain threshold, the invoice financing company pays out to the business owner.

Types of Invoice Financing

There are two types of invoice financing: factoring and accounts receivable factoring. Factoring involves using an asset (invoices) to secure a loan while accounts receivable factoring is similar to purchasing the invoices upfront. Both methods have many advantages and disadvantages.

Factoring works best for short term loans while accounts receivable factored funding is best suited for longer term financing. Another advantage of accounts receivable factoring over factoring is that they do not require inventory. However, both forms of invoice financing are considered cash flow solutions.

Why do companies Use Invoice Financing

Companies use invoice financing to ensure they receive payment for work performed. Many times, companies cannot afford to wait until the end of the month to receive payment for services rendered. Rather than accepting a late payment penalty, companies turn to invoice financing companies to obtain quick access to capital.

Another major benefit of invoice financing is that companies are able to keep track of what they are spending. By maintaining detailed records, companies can determine if their expenses are on target and if any changes need to be made.

How do i get started using Invoice Financing?

To use invoice financing, you need to first have a balance due on your account. You then take out an invoice finance agreement (IFA) with a finance company to fund the balance due on the bill. Once you’ve completed the contract, you pay off the bill as agreed with the finance company. Your balance is now paid off and you no longer owe the original bill amount.

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